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This Blog is dedicated to making public some of the business activities and methods of Liam Collins, David Bone Jr and their associates. In the spring of 2010, the present authors invested in Collins & Bone (C&B), who were offering an enticing 8-10% interest on the basis of buying houses for cash, renovating them and letting them out to students. We were assured that our money was secured against houses that they owned, including their own homes and the properties held by their associated company, Castle & Gatehouse (C&G). We have emails and brochures that confirm these details, as do others who invested on this same basis at around the same time. The idea worked for us for over a year, then in November 2011 they told us they were insolvent. They refused our every request for clear accounts, which led us to suspect wrongdoing. We began an investigation and then started this Blog. We found our suspicions confirmed: other investors had lost sometimes quite large amounts to C&B and its predecessor CBS, and all requests for repayment were adamantly refused. These people use and have used so many names that we found it necessary to compress them into CoBo (for Collins & Bone) and Coboco (for the whole bunch of them – there are quite a few!) Note that there is an index in the margin at the right hand side.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013


It may be of interest to all concerned to have a recapitulation of the critical points in the Coboco case, viz:

1. The Accounts. Investors and creditors still do not know what Coboco did with the money they took on the understanding that they were going to buy and renovate houses. We are not talking about small sums here, but millions of pounds. This is a very serious matter which Liam Collins has dismissed with the terse statement, "The money is spent." He now appears to think that he should be free simply to forget all of that and just get on with his new scheme for tax-free earnings.

2. Trust. Society and business in general rely to a great extent on trust; in fact, business would not be possible without trust. In the case of Coboco, they dishonoured the trust that had been vested in them. Their dishonesty has given an awful lot of work to many people in trying to sort out their mess. It has also caused real hardship to many bona fide investors. All this will eventually come out into the open.

3.  Starting Out With A Clean Slate. This will not be an option for Coboco until they see the wisdom of fully co-operating with the authorities and those they have deceived, to clear up that murky background of theirs. Unless they come clean, they will find that their past will not only continue to haunt them, but will inexorably catch up with them and bring them to book. As we have noted before, the partners are apparently able to argue their way into and out of almost anything, but all that does is to merely postpone the reckoning. This Blog will be following the case all the way through to ensure final fair play. Come clean now, we say to Coboco, and save everyone further trouble in having to deal with you and yours!

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