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This Blog is dedicated to making public some of the business activities and methods of Liam Collins, David Bone Jr and their associates. In the spring of 2010, the present authors invested in Collins & Bone (C&B), who were offering an enticing 8-10% interest on the basis of buying houses for cash, renovating them and letting them out to students. We were assured that our money was secured against houses that they owned, including their own homes and the properties held by their associated company, Castle & Gatehouse (C&G). We have emails and brochures that confirm these details, as do others who invested on this same basis at around the same time. The idea worked for us for over a year, then in November 2011 they told us they were insolvent. They refused our every request for clear accounts, which led us to suspect wrongdoing. We began an investigation and then started this Blog. We found our suspicions confirmed: other investors had lost sometimes quite large amounts to C&B and its predecessor CBS, and all requests for repayment were adamantly refused. These people use and have used so many names that we found it necessary to compress them into CoBo (for Collins & Bone) and Coboco (for the whole bunch of them – there are quite a few!) Note that there is an index in the margin at the right hand side.

Saturday, 7 July 2012


Many of the People of Britain must by now have been lucky enough to get a sight of that desperate duo who call themselves Faces of Disco. These two have been strutting their stuff in the streets, especially in shopping centres, where unwitting shoppers are apparently only too happy to throw money at them. Those show-stopped shoppers: how could they guess that the apparently clean-cut characters camping it up behind those masks are actually crooks? That they have swindled more than one hundred people out of their life savings, pensions and retirement money, blandly telling them that their money has been spent and offering no explanation? We think the public at large needs to know.

These shameless show-offs* were bankrupted in May of this year; how can they now trouser the money of the unwitting public without accounting for it? Are those shoppers aware that these rascals owe people who trusted them some £4 million? (Yes, that’s four million pounds).

It’s clear that nowhere near enough people are informed about the background of these two, riddled as it is with acts of deceit and theft. The evidence is piling up. We would ask all readers of this Blog to help spread this knowledge wide and far and to call to account the rotten characters behind the masks.

* We refer here specifically to Liam Collins and David Bone Jr.  (Richard Edmonds should dissociate himself from these two on account of their dishonest dealings).

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